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  • Finally, Jaehoon Lim was discharged from Koreas Navy While beginning in the Navy, Jaehoon devoted himself to the study of card color changes. Over the past two years, he has developed amazing and practical color changes. Jaehoon is now ready to share this material in his new DVD, Navy Effects. Navy Effects focuses on brand new and practical card co

  • One of the most important aspects of magic is establishing a connection with the spectator. Magic should be for all age groups, and we are proud to present an effect that can connect with everyone. Devour is a fun and interactive card revelation effect that can connect with all age groups. Imagine that the box of playing cards comes alive, and dest

  • "The Jar is an incredibly valuable tool in a mentalists arsenal due to its deceptively natural look that hides its true nature as a multifaceted utility item capable of accomplishing customized miracles on stage, screen or close-up." - Paul Draper (Mentalist and Anthropologist) "Finally a switching device that doesnt look like a magic prop. Its a w

  • Discover the unique, uncensored presentations of the worlds most well-known, investigated and celebrated mentalist of our generation. The Uri Geller Trilogy is an extraordinary DVD. For the FIRST TIME ever, you will get answers and revelations about his most personal and closely held thoughts. Five hours of insight, advice and incredible stories by

  • The astonishing stand-up and close-up magic of one of the finest magicians in Spain. Juan Luis Rubiales reveals in OLÉ his favorite effects and most closely guarded secrets. His distinctive take on classic plots make for some of the most baffling magic you will ever see. 34 AMAZING ROUTINES FULLY EXPLAINED Including THREE FLY COOKIES, BREAD DECK, F

  • Join us At The Table, to learn awe-inspiring magic from the most respected and highly accomplished masters in the industry. This DVD set starts with a big bang with none other than Chris "Orbit" Brown. The creator of countless moves, effects, and the renowned magic seminar "The Classroom," he has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. His atte

  • Jason Ladanyes approach to magic is simple - not about complicated sleight of hand. Jason looks for original plots and uses time-tested well-known sleights to achieve miracles for laymen. While Jason Ladanye will be teaching a few effects from his last hit book, Confident Deceptions, most of the effects taught on this At the Table Lecture will come

  • Were glad to welcome Kyle Littleton to an At The Table Lecture. Best known for his effect "400 Lux", Kyle is one of the most refreshing innovators and thinkers to hit the scene. His lecture offers something for every skill level, and his presentations are filled with wit, humor, and honesty. Learn effects with cards, coins, stickers, gum, and bills

  • Infamously known by the world as the "magician who tried to sell weed to a cop". Calen Morellis brand of viral magic has made him an internet sensation garnering millions of views, likes, and shares. His break out success has also led him to become the face and hands of a series of Samsung commercials, where he takes his nuanced talent for cardistr

  • You may not have heard of these two before.. but thats because for the past three years, The Other Brothers have been the magical force behind some top named magicians. Theyve also created countless effects, saving the best for only themselves and their audiences. This year all that changed. Not only did you find them lecturing and performing at pl

  • Steven Brundage has made countless TV appearances on Penn & Tellers Fool Us, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and Americas Got Talent, just to name a few. Hes hit MILLIONS of views on YouTube and the rise of his popularity shows no end in sight. Steven joins us At The Table for his very first lecture EVER, where he gives the inside

  • Chris "Orbit" Brown, the creator of countless moves, effects, and the renowned magic seminar "The Classroom," has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. His attention to detail and intrinsic understanding of the art has hurdled Brown into the upper echelon of our communitys teachers and technicians. On his At The Table Lecture, Chris shares th

Showing 1 - 12 of 3740 items